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This website has been launched on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Rutgers. With this website we would like to give you a contemporary picture of the work that Rutgers is carrying out in the world and at the same time link this to milestones achieved in the past. Form and content of this site emphasize the new strategic line that Rutgers has set out. Young people are not only the focus of our activities, but where possible we will give them room to voice their ideas about sex education, sexual violence, contraception and safe abortion.

The website rutgers50.international has been developed by Rutgers in cooperation with Arteffects and with the participation of Anne Bosveld. For more information please contact communicatie@rutgers.nl.


We have done our utmost to locate all the copyright holders of (photo) material used on this website. Anyone who believes that his/her material has been used without prior permission, please contact us via communicatie@rutgers.nl. Read more about what Rutgers does with (online) personal details.

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